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May 08, 2018



May 8, 2018


Chairman Rehr called the meeting to order at (7:00) pm.  (Pledge of Allegiance)

Certify compliance with open meetings law that the meeting notices were posted.

Roll Call: Gerd Muehllehner (P), Andy Zimmer (P), Dale Klingenmeyer (P), Greg Anstett (P), Dennis Rehr (P)


Approve Agenda: Motion (Muehllehner/Zimmer) to approve agenda.  Motion Carried

Approve Minutes: Motion (Anstett/Klingenmeyer) to approve minutes from 04/17/2018 Regular Meeting.  Motion Carried.  Motion (Muehllehner/Anstett) 05/05/2018 Road Tour.  Motions Carried

Treasurer’s Report: Reports were handed out.  Motion by (Klingenmeyer/Zimmer) to approve treasurer’s report as presented, Motion Carried. 

Public Comment:Phelps – Dead Elm that needs to come down.  Also, this weekend had atv come by going way to fast and very loud.

Patrolman’s Report:  With heavy rain Kosin Road washed out in an area, will need gravel for that area – around 600 feet.  Rehr – get enough on Kosin Road to cover it up.  Met with Bruce M. on Kosin Road and some water is sitting North & South of his driveway, Brandon can dump some fill dirt in there and fix the ditch area.  Doing some shoulder work.  Clingerman Road has wash out by corner of bridge, Brandon will fill in and fix.  Nehring – can Clingerman Road bridge be put down to 8 ton?  Zimmer will check.  Getting mowers ready, patching, Koch Road – pulled out of there for now, upstream side is done.  Nehring – measured the ditches on Koch Road.  Rehr - not budgeted for anything else on Koch Road at this point, landowner is going to call the State to complain.  Licht – lower ditch is filled in from the upper part.  Rehr – The town board met with the landowner and was willing to work with them but they decided they no longer agree with the towns idea for the ditch.  Our employee felt threatened and the Board will not tolerate it.  Equipment is moved from Koch and at this point in the year it will not be moved back until time/budget allows.

Bridge Project:  Awarded to Concrete Structures $347,673.  The award is 9.3 % lower than the original estimate.  Jewell & Associates will be the Engineering Firm.  Mid June start time.

Parcel 016-0016-11200:Just wanted reassurance that the parcel they are buying is a buildable parcel.  Brian Simmert from Sauk County Planning & Zoning took care of it

Road Tour:$20,000 in mix and equipment to do blade patching/wedging, $20,000 in ditching, $80,000 for Weinke Road,  $221,131 in road budget to spend this year.  Could chip seal approximately 5 miles.  Brandon – will come up with a list of roads for crack filling.  $10,000 for crack filling.  Total footage is 3,600 feet for wedging.  Per road ratings from last year some of the roads that would benefit from chip sealing would be the roads rated 6 - Diamond Hill, Granite Drive, Maple Hill, Schanke Road, Ulrich Road, Wilson Road for a total of 7.6 miles.  Cut out Granite Drive and Maple Hill so we stay in budget, will be roughly 4 to 4.5 miles.  Ulrich Road should be blade patched.  Motion (Zimmer/Anstett) to put out two contracts: one contract for wedging of 3,600 lineal feet, and one contract for chip seal on Diamond Hill, Schanke Road, Ulrich Road, & Wilson Road.  Motion Carried.

Town Road Construction:  Weinke Road  - either contract for pulverizing, shaping, and supplemental base or use the town employee and Todd to do the work.  Zimmer - would like estimate from Nehring Excavating for time/equipment so we can decide at next board meeting. 

Approve Vouchers:  Motion (Ansttett/Klingenmeyer) to approve vouchers.  Motion Carried

Communications: BOR on May 24th, Zimmer - Kosin Road rip rapping, T&M basis with intern not to exceed $1,000?  Will add to June agenda.


Adjourn: Motion (Klingenmeyer/Anstett) to adjourn.  Time: (8:14) PM

Respectfully Submitted, Jennifer Roloff - Town of Freedom Clerk

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