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Mar 13, 2018



March 13, 2018

Supervisor Rehr called the meeting to order at (7:00) pm.  (Pledge of Allegiance)

Certify compliance with open meetings law that the meeting notices were posted.

Roll Call: Gerd Muehllehner (P), Andy Zimmer (L), Dale Klingenmeyer (P), Greg Anstett (P), Dennis Rehr (P)


Approve Agenda: Motion (Muehllehner/Klingenmeyer) to approve agenda.  Motion Carried

Approve Minutes: Motion (Anstett/Muehllehner) to approve minutes from 02/13/2018 Regular Meeting.  Motions Carried

Treasurer’s Report: Reports were handed out.  Motion by (Muehllehner/Anstett) to approve treasurer’s report as presented, Motion Carried. 

Public Comment:Licht – a few four wheels on Diamond Hill Road on two wheels and going too fast.

Patrolman’s Report:  Brush grinding right now, about 7 days left of that.  Some brush cutting left to do.  De-winterize equipment, pothole patching, shoulder work, clean shop.  Dump door lock had some issues a few week ago – have Brandon pick a new one up.  Resident cut himself putting his own glass in the dumpster, have Brandon pick up a first aid kit to keep at the dump.  Rehr - 4 Control $200ish a mile – Winfield Township uses them to control some of the brush after it gets cut back.  Should look into using this company to help us maintain the brush.  Zimmer – its more economical compared to the $10,000 we are spending on Brush Grinding.  Rehr will check with Winfield and get more information on the company.  Zimmer – seeing any areas that are prone to Spring Break Up? – Schmidt Road, Klein Road, Ruff Road.  Happy Hill is posted already.  Brandon will close Ruff Road.  Zimmer – maybe consider double chip on a portion of Freedom Road.

Bridge Project:  Rehr got an email from Joshua Sweno – everything is on to the state and right on track as planned.

2018 Highway Maintenance Program:Will redo once Road Tour is complete.   Zimmer – should move forward with getting bids for pulverizing.  Nehring – Weinke Road we need to address driveway culverts with the road construction, should discuss those culverts on Road Tour.  Rehr – most will have to be done on a case to case basis but need a list to start with.

Building Permit Ordinance:Sent some answers back to the attorney.  Waiting for her to respond.  Hopefully will have answers by next board meeting.

Penalty Provision:  Still waiting on attorney to respond regarding the penalty provision.

Spring Road Tour Date:  Motion (Zimmer/Anstett) to have Road Tour on Saturday April 14, 2018 @ 7:00 AM.  Motion Carried

Approve Vouchers:  Motion (Muehllehner/Anstett) to approve vouchers.  Motion Carried

Communications: Spring Election on April 3rd, 2018


Adjourn: Motion (Klingenmeyer/Zimmer) to adjourn.  Time: (7:53) PM

Respectfully Submitted, Jennifer Roloff - Town of Freedom Clerk

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