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Jan 09, 2018



January 9, 2018

Supervisor Rehr called the meeting to order at (7:00) pm.  (Pledge of Allegiance)

Certify compliance with open meetings law that the meeting notices were posted.

Roll Call: Gerd Muehllehner (P), Andy Zimmer (P), Dale Klingenmeyer (P), Greg Anstett (P), Dennis Rehr (P)


Approve Agenda: Motion (Muehllehner/Zimmer) to approve agenda.  Motion Carried

Approve Minutes: Motion (Muehllehner/Klingenmeyer) to approve minutes from 12/12/2017 Regular Meeting.  Motions Carried

Treasurer’s Report: Reports were handed out.  Motion by (Muehllehner/Anstett) to approve treasurer’s report as presented, Motion Carried. 

Public Comment:Verla Klingenmeyer – Two board members on the Plan Commission, are you going to change it anytime soon?  Rehr – did some research on the ordinance and one of the two board members needs to step down.  Gerd is willing to step down.  Will put an item on the agenda for next month.  Judy Licht - how many got building permits in 2017?

Patrolman’s Report:  Not much snow so will be doing some brush cutting.  Rehr: stop out and check on brush cutting progress at Stevens’s property.  Gerd: How will we do Weinke Road?  Process will be similar to Denzer Road.  Are we brush cutting with big machine?  Some areas are spotty.  About a week’s worth of work (Denzer, Ruff, High, Sugar Road).  Hydraulic ram on woods mower needs to be sent in.  Cleaning and maintaining equipment.  Heater on truck still not working properly.  Intercon will come back through on Freedom to fix areas.  They are still not sure how they are going to tie in.

2017 Left Over Funds:$63,062.65 left over.  Andy asked MSA to give the Township the best estimate of local funds.  $109,356.  Have about $70,915.80 in the Bridge Fund currently.  Still have a $2,577 bill for 2017 budget year to pay.  Motion (Zimmer/Muehllehner) Disperse $60,000 the following way:  $38,576 to Bridge sinking fund.  $10,000 for Fire Truck sinking fund, $11,424 carrying forward on ledger for construction.  Motion Carried.

Freedom Road Bridge items:Q with MSA came to give update.  Construction will be let in May, construction will start late June to early July.  DNR has restriction that can’t work near stream until after June 15th.  Road will be closed during construction.  Originally were going to purchase right of ways but now do not have to because right of way was wider than expected.  Q needs a title signature, Highway Commissioner signed it already.  DOT does selection of engineer and won’t be same as the design engineer.

Residents who don’t obtain Building Permit:  Planning and Zoning at the County level has changed how they do things.  County does emphasize that local level permits might be needed.  If they fail to get one at the county level, they triple the fee.  Rehr: think we need to raise building permit fees and figure out what to do with those who do not get permit.  We don’t need to decide tonight but we need to revisit this and get the details figured out.  Frank: township should have some sort of penalty for those who don’t obtain a permit and maybe send a flyer out in the mail to all residents.  Frank will work up with a reasonable solution to what requires a building permit, penalty, & fees.  Will bring back to the board when complete.

212-18 Driveway Ordinance:  Motion (Anstett/Muehllehner) to approve the update.  Motion Carried.

Plan Commission recommendation for Pace Property:  Plan Commission approves the request.  Frank gave town board copy of the meeting minutes.  Motion (Anstett/Zimmer) to approve request.  Motion Carried.

Approve Vouchers:  Motion (Anstett/Muehllehner) to approve vouchers.  Motion Carried

Communications: Spring Primary on 2/20/18

Adjourn: Motion (Muehllehner/Klingenmeyer) to adjourn.  Time: (8:35) PM

Respectfully Submitted, Jennifer Roloff - Town of Freedom Clerk

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