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Feb 13, 2018



February 13, 2018

Supervisor Rehr called the meeting to order at (7:00) pm.  (Pledge of Allegiance)

Certify compliance with open meetings law that the meeting notices were posted.

Roll Call: Gerd Muehllehner (A), Andy Zimmer (L), Dale Klingenmeyer (P), Greg Anstett (P), Dennis Rehr (P)


Approve Agenda: Motion (Anstett/Klingenmeyer) to approve agenda.  Motion Carried

Approve Minutes: Motion (Klingenmeyer/Anstett) to approve minutes from 01/09/2018 Regular Meeting.  Motions Carried

Treasurer’s Report: Reports were handed out.  Motion by (Anstett/Klingenmeyer) to approve treasurer’s report as presented, Motion Carried. 

Public Comment:None

Patrolman’s Report:  Brush grinding?  Dennis said in a week or so we will start (Roughly $141 an hour).  Heater fixed in plow truck.  Todd will help with trees in the near future.  Sand?  Township will need another load.  Cleaning equipment and snow removal as necessary.  Sumac on Weinke Road?  Brandon will stop and talk with landowner.  Freedom Road power – looks to be done until Spring. 

Bridge Project:  Nothing new at this time.

Building Permit Ordinance:Talked about briefly last month.  Frank, Dennis, & Gerd have been working on ordinance.  Zimmer – expand on value.  Change to $2,000 in materials.  Change to “material value” in the section for interior/exterior modifications as well.  Add “permanent enclosed” to hunting stands in section 8.  Add that building permits are good for 2 years from date of issuance.  Will talk to attorney about general blanket penalty provision.  Anstett – have attorney look over?  Motion (Anstett/Zimmer) to approve draft as discussed but forward to attorney for opinion/comments.  Motion Carried  Will discuss comments from attorney at next meeting.

Gaetzke Unpaid Bill:  Motion (Zimmer/Anstett) to Add 1.5% to bill.  Advise clerk of intent within 30 days.  Send certified letter.  CC Landowner with letter.  Motion Carried

2018 Highway Maintenance Program:  Update 2017 sheet on Maintenance & Improvement plan.  Weinke Road will estimate cost at $80,000.  Need to focus on failing culverts on next phase of Freedom Road as well as tree removal and ditching.  Should readdress the whole plan again after our Spring Road tour  Andy will update current items and bring back to March meeting.  Should we solicit bids for pulverizing Weinke Road?  Yes, Andy will write up and send out to WK Construction & Kraemer Company.  Will discuss again next month.

Plan Commission Appointment:  Rehr recommends appointing Patrick Flint.

Approve Vouchers:  Motion (Anstett/Zimmer) to approve vouchers.  Motion Carried

Communications: Spring Primary on February 20th.  Clerk/Treasurer out of office March 2nd through 9th.


Adjourn: Motion (Klingenmeyer/Anstett) to adjourn.  Time: (8:18) PM

Respectfully Submitted, Jennifer Roloff - Town of Freedom Clerk

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