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Jun 12, 2018



June 12, 2018


Chairman Rehr called the meeting to order at (7:00) pm.  (Pledge of Allegiance)

Certify compliance with open meetings law that the meeting notices were posted.

Roll Call: Gerd Muehllehner (A), Andy Zimmer (P), Dale Klingenmeyer (P), Greg Anstett (P), Dennis Rehr (P)


Approve Agenda: Motion (Anstett/Zimmer) to approve agenda.  Motion Carried

Approve Minutes: Motion (Zimmer/Klingenmeyer) to approve minutes from 05/08/2018 Regular Meeting with change.  Motion Carried. 

Treasurer’s Report: Reports were handed out.  Motion by (Klingenmeyer/Zimmer) to approve treasurer’s report as presented, Motion Carried. 

Public Comment:Bruce Macintosh – house on Kosin, just introducing himself.

Patrolman’s Report:  Mowing right now, Intercon did finish on Freedom Road, need to get more patch, mow Weincke and then call in locate.  Zimmer had question on wedging: Town will wedge the following: Museum, Orchard, Freedom, Happy Hill, Schmidt, Klein, Denzer, Ulrich, Seeley.  Andy will put together a bid doc on wedging.  Brandon will put breaker on Clingerman Road and fix southeast wing wall of bridge

Bridge Project:  Last Thursday Dennis met with Greg from DOT and Engineer from Jewell.  Alliant can’t run wires under ground so will tip wires out during construction.  Pre-Construction meeting coming up in near future.  1st of August is tentative start date.

Bids on Construction Projects:Crack Sealing bids as follows.  Superior: $.52 cents per foot/No Cert.  Fahrner: Pricing per road is as follows Shanke $6,600, Stone Church $10,900, Freedom $5,000, Maple Hill $2,750, Denzer $5,850.  Scott Construction: $1.21 per foot with one-year warranty.  Zimmer, should prioritize roads.  Concentrate on roads with hot mix surface: Diamond Hill, Freedom, Koch, Kohlmeyer, Maple Hill.  Chip seal Stone Church next year.  Motion (Zimmer/Anstett) $.52 cents per foot from Superior Sealers and concentrate on hot mix road surface up to $10,000.  Motion Carried.

Kosin Road Intern:David Baumgarten started with DNR, Andy did research on it and MSA has an intern willing to survey it and complete the DNR application.  $1,200 cost to township for intern work.  Permit review fee of an additional $400 is paid DNR.  Motion (Anstett/Klingenmeyer) to hire intern from MSA for $1,200.  Motion Carried.  Zimmer Abstained.

Weinke Road Construction:  Nehring Excavating: $15,000 to scarify, relay, compact, and lay back down.  If Town added 6” of 1 ¼” base at 18 foot wide would be roughly 4800 tons.  Base $30,000  Trucking $17,000.  Roughly $62,000 to $65,000 to get ready for next year.  Motion (Zimmer/Anstett) to retain Nehring Excavating for estimated $15,000 to scarify from Pagel resident to Freedom Road.

M.Gitter Request:  Rent out house similar to VRBO, new state law allows residents to do this.  She plans to do short term rentals but will not be renting it out all the time as she still enjoys using the property herself as does her family.  Might amount to 1 to 2 days per month.  Plan Commission recommends the M. Gitter request.  Town acknowledges her request and has no objection with it.  Will forward to Sauk County Planning & Zoning.

Clingerman Road Bridge: Informational.  Approx $2,000 per bridge to do a structural analysis.  This is only for the ones not in the bridge inspection program.

Picnic & Operators License:  North Freedom Rod & Gun Club (7/1/18 to 6/30/19) & Operators: Kayla Steinhorst, Scott Steinhorst, Ben Henke, Duane Quandt, Tom Vertein, Tyler Vertein.  Motion (Klingenmeyer/Zimmer) to approve picnic license & operator’s licenses for those mentioned above.  Motion Carried

Approve Vouchers:  Motion (Zimmer/Anstett) to approve vouchers.  Motion Carried

Communications: Township Picnic 7/28/2018 from 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM?  Bunch of Board members will be out of town but can proceed if want to. Town was invited 7/7/18 to dedicate new refurbished railroad bridge at Railway Museum.  Starts at 9:30 AM.

Adjourn: Motion (Klingenmeyer/Anstett) to adjourn.  Time: (8:22) PM

Respectfully Submitted, Jennifer Roloff - Town of Freedom Clerk

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