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Plan Commission Minutes
Jun 07, 2018




Date:  7 June 2018

Time:  7:00 pm

Location: Town of Freedom meeting room – Village of North Freedom

Committee:  Plan Commission

Members in attendance: Pat Flint, Gary Holmes, Ron Persche, Dennis Rehr,

Frank Anstett

Members Absent: None

Citzens in attendance:  Margaret Gitter, Steve Schulze, Chris Klem, Julie Klem



  1. Call to order and certification of compliance with open meeting law.
  2. Adopt agenda.
  3. Approve minutes of 5 April 2018 meeting. 
  4. Consider: 
  5. Approval of permit for short term rental – tourist rooming house located at S5620 Sugar Rd. owned by Margaret Gitter.
  6. Set date for next meeting.
  7. Adjourn.


Item 1.  The meeting was called to order by chair Anstett at 7:00 pm.  Compliance with open meeting law (Persche/Holmes) was certified.


Item 2.  Motion (Persche/Holmes) to adopt agenda – approved unanimously.


Item 3.  Motion (Persche/Holmes) to approve minutes of 5 April 2018 meeting – approved unanimously.


Item 4.  Approval of permit for short term rental – tourist rooming house located at S5620 Sugar Rd. owned by Margaret Gitter.  Margaret Gitter presented her request and answered various questions (rental time frames, acreage designations, hunting and fire department concerns) and that she has been in contact with county/state officials in order to comply with all requirements.  She does not want to make it too commercial and plans to be at the July County Board of Adjustments meeting.  Pat Flint explained that they would be responsible to basic rental laws/conditions even though it is not the same as ordinary rental of properties.  Dennis Rehr related his recent discussions with Sauk County Planning and Zoning related to this request and that similar requests have recently been approved in Spring Green and Baraboo and cannot think of any special conditions that need to be added to this request.  The discussion resulted in the following:

  1. Plan Commission recommends approval of the permit as presented.  Motion (Flint/Persche) to approve permit request as presented – approved unanimously.


Item 5.  The next required commission meeting will be held on the Thursday two weeks prior to the regular monthly Town Board meeting if possible.


Item 6.  Motion (Persche/Flint) to adjourn at 7;45 pm – approved unanimously.



Respectfully submitted – 28 June 2018

Frank Anstett

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