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Plan Commission Minutes
Jan 04, 2018




Date:  4 January 2018

Time:  7:00 pm

Location: Town of Freedom meeting room – Village of North Freedom

Committee:  Plan Commission

 Members in attendance:  Denis Rehr, Ron Persche, Frank Anstett

Members absent:  Gary Holmes, Gerd Muehllehner

Citizens in attendance:  Gary & Kristi Pace, Earlene Persche


  1. Call to order and certification of compliance with open meeting law.
  2. Adopt agenda.
  3. Approve minutes of 10 October 2017 meeting. 
  4. Consider: 
  5. Re-survey of two parcels at S5229 Kohlmeyer Rd. owned by Gary & Kristi Pace.

Parcel numbers 016-0016-10000 (land only) & 016-0016-1000 (house).

  1. Set date for next meeting.
  2. Adjourn.


Item 1.  The meeting was called to order by chair Anstett at 7:00 pm. Compliance with open meeting law (Persche/Rehr) was certified. 


Item 2.  Motion (Rehr/Persche) to adopt agenda – approved unanimously.


Item 3.  Motion (Persche/Rehr) to approve minutes of 10 October 2017 meeting – approved unanimously.


Item 4,  Re-survey of two parcels at S5229 Kohlmeyer Rd. owned by Gary & Kristi Pace.  Parcel numbers 016-0016-10000 (land only) & 016-0016-1000 (house):

 Gary and Kristi presented several documents (current & proposed survey maps, aerial     photographs etc.) and went through their request in detail. Question/answer discussion as to the purpose and end result of their request resulted in the following:

    1.  Plan Commission recommends approval of re-survey of 2 parcels as presented resulting in one parcel with all buildings on approximately 5.38 acres and a second buildable parcel of approximately 21.46 acres.  Motion (Persche/Rehr) to approve request as presented – approved unanimously.


Item 5.  The next required commission meeting will be held on the Thursday two weeks prior to the regular monthly Town Board meeting if possible.


Item 6.  Motion (Persche/Rehr) to adjourn at 7:25 pm – approved unanimously.


Respectfully submitted – 8 January 2018

Frank Anstett

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