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PC Minutes 1/25/12
Jun 11, 2012

Town of Freedom Plan Commission Meeting Minutes



Place: Village of North Freedom, Town of Freedom office meeting room

Those in attendance: Larry Phelps Dennis Rehr Steve Hartzell Ron Persche Gary Holmes see-attached sign in sheet for others present. Original minutes attached.

Items on the agenda:

1. Call to order and certification of compliance with open meeting laws

2. Adopt agenda

3. Approve minutes of previous meeting 12-28-11

4. To consider Town approval of a special exemption permit application for the Mid Continent Railway Museum to the Sauk County Board of Adjustment for a campground, to be located on the SW1/4 of section 2,T.11 N R.5E.

5. To review progress on the transition of the King Pin Games to aquaculture.

6. Set a date for the next meeting

7. Adjourn


Item 1: The meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM by chair Phelps; compliance with open meetings law was certified.

Item 2: Motion (Persche/Holmes) to adopt the agenda. Approved unanimously.

Item 3: Motion (Persche/Hartzell) made to approve minutes from 12-28-11. Approved unanimously.

Item 4: Jeff Bloohm was present to answer questions on this proposed campground. This campground will be used primarily for museum members to stay in old rail road cars when they come to volunteer at the museum. They have four options, #1 building new tracks west of the present location to house these cars. #2 locate these cars to existing track out of the floodway somewhere on their property. #3 relocate to area south of the coach shed. #4 move to an area offsite out in the country. Steve Sorenson brought up that the floodplain maps will again be changing in the coming months, he mentioned if the museum has all their paperwork in order they could relocate to  a site within the flood fringe area, and still be in compliance if the new flood lines are changed to include the new area, until the time of the next flood. Motion was made to recommend approval by the Town of Freedom Board to support this special exception permit application, knowing there may be new flood maps and events forcing a new location for this propose campground, by Persche/Hartzell approved unanimously.

Item 5: Norbert & Donna Mueiner were present to answer questions on their transition from King Pin Games to the aquaculture operation. They have started paperwork to end this business; they would like an extension to the end of 2012 to fully dissolve King Pin Games. Their explanation on not meeting the November 2011 deadline was, they have been concentrating on fine tuning their aquaponics operation. Motion was made to recommend that the Town of Freedom Board move the termination date of King Pin Games to the end of 2012, by Phelps/Hartzell approved unanimously.

Item 6: Next meeting will be on 2-29-12 at 7:00 pm.

Item 7: Motion: (Holmes/Hartzell) to adjourn at 8:47 pm. Approved unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,

Dennis Rehr, Sec.

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